Heart of Armenia

The Heart of Armenia Pendant started as a rough sketch on April 24th 2020... and stayed in my sketchbook for quite some time, every so often I would look back to it, finessing it alil bit more. On September 27th, Armenia was attacked out of left field and a war broke out in the Nagorno- Karabakh region. This pendant was in its early stages. Like many Armenian businesses, plans were set aside as we tried to figure out ways to help our homeland. Deeply saddened by the news of the attacks on the Armenian people and Artsakh, Heart of Armenia came to fruition. Our first go around took close to 40 hours to complete and proceeds were donated to the Armenia Fund & second one to Veterans of Armenia. With raffles and sales from our Eternity Necklace raised a total of $6,600. We will continue to keep supporting our homeland with either product sales or taking our business and providing opportunities to work with people who currently reside in Armenia. Thank you all for your generous contributions.